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Invasives List

In his series on invasive plants, C. Colston Burrell discusses many plants that can take over the landscape. Here he provides two lists of additional plants to be wary of…

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Super Sedges

You can put sedges to work in a variety of landscape settings, from containers to low-maintenance groundcover plantings. Some can even be used as a no-mow substitute for turf.

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Happy Valleys

Adored and spurned by gardeners, lily of the valley (Convallaria spp.) is the most familiar member of the family that bears its name (Convallariaceae). . . . Lily of the valley’s relations—Solomon’s plume and mayflower (Maianthemum spp.) and a host of others, including Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum spp.)—are less storied but no less garden worthy. . . .

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