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Tips for Planting and Growing Flower Bulbs,Plus Favorites

Here's a roundup of our best flower bulb–related articles on


Spring bulbs that naturalize easily

Fall bulb care (for existing plantings)

Forcing bulbs in water

Forcing paperwhites

Stopping paperwhites from flopping

How deep to plant bulbs

Calculate how many bulbs are needed to fill an area

Protect bulbs from voles, chipmunks and other animals

When and how to transplant flower bulbs

Keeping track of bulbs

Can potted tulips be replanted?

Double-planting bulbs

Favorite Bulbs
'Advance' snow crocus

Winter aconite

White trout lily

'Galilee' paperwhite

Siberian squill

Best tulips for repeat performance

Bulb & perennial combos

And here's a hot tip for all you bulb lovers: Old House Gardens—the fabulous provider of rare, unusual and favorite heirloom bulbs, plus invaluable bulb-growing info—is celebrating its 20th year in business by giving everyone who orders bulbs a free refrigerator magnet. Put it front-and-center on your fridge to help you keep your sights set on spring this winter!

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Bulbs are an essential part of any low-maintenance garden. Read about other plants and garden design techniques that will make gardening easier in The New Low-Maintenance Garden by Val Easton.

Dig holes for small bulbs easily with the CobraHead. This is just one of the many, many tasks this popular tool can do!

Deepen your gardening knowledge with courses from Garden How-To University,Horticulture's online learning program. You set the pace and schedule!