Tip of the Week: Double-Plant Your Bulbs

Plant bulbs in pots, then plant the pots in the ground for a spring bloom you can rearrange. Just follow these steps:
•  When planting fall bulbs, set some aside for pots
•  Use a terra-cotta pot with a drainage hole. Plant several bulbs in each pot, using a potting mix with good drainage. Place the bulbs about an inch under the surface of the mix. If your bulbs are susceptible to chipmunks, voles and the like, cover the pot with hardware cloth.
•  Water the pot well, then dig a hole anywhere you have space and sink the pot in it so the rim is below soil level. Cover with four inches of peat moss.
•  When the bulbs begin to grow next spring, dig up the pots and move them wherever you’d like a blooming accent.

Read more about planting pots of bulbs

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