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Coneflowers You Can Count On

Echinacea coneflowers continue to command popularity, with fanciful new varieties appearing every year. One complaint, though, is that they don't always seem to do well in subsequent seasons.

purple coneflower

To avoid disappointment, we recommend veiwing the fanciest coneflowers as annuals or very short-lived perennials; that way if they don't come back you won't be disappointed, and if they do come back you'll have a pleasant surprise. It's similar to how we view most tulips.

For truly stalwart, reliably perennial coneflowers, stick to varieties in shades of purple, or in white. Also, be sure that the plants you purchase have gone through a winter; in other words, don't buy seedlings. Plant them early in the growing season to give them the longest time to establish before winter.

Image: "Echinacea-purpurea-20060708-1" by Jacob Rus - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.