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Project FeederWatch Begins in Early November

Back-yard birdwatchers can help the scientists at Cornell University track the movements of North America’s birds every winter by participating in Project FeederWatch. This 21-week-long program begins the second Saturday in November each year. (That’s November 9 in 2019.)


Participants simply count the number of birds of each species at their feeders over a two-day period each week (or less often) and record their findings online. There’s a small fee to join, but this covers most of Cornell’s costs of running the program, and FeederWatchers receive a Research Kit that includes several resources.

Scientists use the data submitted through Project FeederWatch to track long-term trends in bird populations and movements.

To learn more and sign up, see (It is still possible to sign up after the program begins.)

Image credit: By Sharon Mollerus - CC BY 2.0