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We Love ‘Goldhill’ Golden Aster

'Goldhill’ Golden Aster

We love ‘Goldhill’ for its easy-going nature and ability to brighten garden spaces. This drought-tolerant plant works well at the edge of the border, in raised gardens and in low-water gardens. The gray, fuzzy foliage is accentuated throughout the season with cheerful, yellow flowers. This natural hybrid combines the dense habit of its rare parent H. jonesii with the vigor of the more common H.villosa.

Common name: ‘Goldhill’ Golden Aster
Botanical name:Heterotheca jonesii x villosa 'Goldhill'
Height: 2-4 inches
Width: 6-10 inches
Flowering Season: Spring to fall
Flowers: Small, yellow, daisy
Light: Full sun
Watering: Minimal
Zones: 5-8
Soil: Loam, sandy

‘Goldhill’ is a versatile flowering plant that is easy to grow because it adapts to most conditions. Feed once a year with a slow-release fertilizer. ‘Goldhill’ is also deer resistant—always an attractive quality in a plant.