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Celosia Flowers to Attract Pollinators

Virtues: ‘Asian Garden’ celosia is a long-blooming celosia that withstands heat and drought. It can be grown in a container or in the garden. Celosia flowers attract bees and other pollinators. Planted near a vegetable garden, it will help ensure pollination and fruit set on the vegetable plants. This celosia is an All-America Selections winner for 2017.

celosia flowers

Common name: ‘Asian Garden’ celosia, ‘Asian Garden’ cockscomb

Botanical name:Celosia argentea ‘Asian Garden’

Exposure: Full sun

Season: Summer, for flowers

Flowers: Deep pink, bottle brush celosia flowers appear at stem ends from late spring to the first frost. These are long lasting as a cut flower and they can also be dried.

Foliage: Dark green leaves line the flowering stems and create a bushy base.

Habit: ‘Asian Garden’ celosia grows between 30 and 40 inches high and about half as wide, with an upright habit.

How to grow ‘Asian Garden’ celosia: Site in full sun in dry to moderately moist soil with good drainage. Keep the plants watered as they are getting established in the soil, but thereafter they can withstand dry spells. Hardy to USDA Zone 9, but typically grown as an annual.

Bonus tip: Celosia flowers that are growing well indicate alkaline soil. Read about other annual plants that can hint at the pH of your garden soil here.

Image courtesy of All-America Selections