Tip of the Week: Making the Most of Blue

The color blue can look very different depending on the level of light. Here are some tips for incorporating blue flowers into sun and shade gardens:

  • Blues show up best and look their most stylish in shade. If you don’t have the space to grow drifts of bluebells, try planting blue-flowered bulbs such as Grecian windflower (Anenome blanda, Zones 5–8) or low-growing perennials such as blue-eyed Mary (Omphalodes cappadocica, Zones 6–8). Blue flowers look especially good against the bark of a white birch tree.
  • Blues in sunshine appear purple or pinkish, so they look best in a sunny site teamed with pinks and mauves to produce subtle harmonies. For example, pale blue veronicas, pink geraniums and alliums combine to create a simple but harmonious planting.

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