Gardening on the Cheap

Gardening expert, writer and former nurserywoman Pam Baggett shares her tips for creating a beautiful garden without breaking the bank. Learn how to garden on a budget, save money at the garden center and get more for your gardening dollar.

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Overwintering Tropical Plants
Don’t buy new tropical and tender plants for your garden and containers next spring. Instead, overwinter the plants you have. Here’s how.

Homegrown Seeds
Save money by saving your own seeds instead of buying more packets and plants next year.

Midsummer Rescue Remedy
Gaps in the summer garden? Pam tells how to fill them without emptying your wallet.

Hardy Plants for Containers
To stretch your gardening dollar, fill empty summer containers with hardy plants instead of flowering annuals. Pam explains how and suggests some great combinations.

Stretch Those Annuals
Find out how to make pricey flowering annual plants work harder for you. You can fill those empty spaces without going back to the nursery for more plants.

Scavenging Containers
Don’t think that just because your budget is small you have to give up gardening in containers. I don’t know what my penny-pinching Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors would think about the big bucks I spend on plants, but they’d be proud to see that I know how to “make it do or do without” when it comes to what I plant them in.

Plant Shopping on a Budget
Garden centers can be dangerous places for the budget-conscious gardener in springtime. Who can resist all those beautiful flowering plants? Here’s how to shop for plants without breaking the bank.

Starting from Seed
In a tight economy, one way to reduce the cost of gardening is to grow more plants from seed. Here are some easy flower varieties to try and the cheapest way to get them going.

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