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Groundcover Junipers New for 2017

jazzy jewel groundcover juniper

Even as spring-blooming bulbs, perennials and flowering shrubs build toward their peak of glory in the spring garden, we can’t help but praise a couple of groundcover junipers that are new from Monrovia this year. Get them onto your spring …

Rhododendrons: Spring Planting and Care Tips


Rhododendrons are never more noticeable than in spring, when they cover themselves with blooms. It’s enough to inspire you to plant more rhodies in your garden. Here are tips for siting and planting these shade-tolerant favorites, plus spring care tips …

A Plant to Love: ‘Dallas Blues’ Switchgrass

Dallas Blue Switchgrass

High Country Gardens is a fan of ‘Dallas Blues’ switchgrass, stating, “Panicum virgatum ‘Dallas Blues’ is among the finest of our native ornamental grasses.” And Plants Delights calls it “among the most stunning forms ever selected.” This vase-shaped blue-hued grass …