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Gardening With Moss

There’s nothing as soothing as an emerald carpet of moss on a damp, misty morning. Mosses combine wonderfully with ferns and evergreen groundcovers in the shady garden and I hope you’ll agree that mosses are one plant that no garden should be without.


We love Bergenia cordifolia, or pigsqueak, for its tall stalks of early spring flowers and its large handsome leaves, which make it a good groundcover.

Wild Ginger

Common name: Wild ginger, Canadian wild ginger Botanical name: Asarum canadense Virtues: Works as a groundcover in shade. Serves as a host plant for larvae of the pipeline swallowtail butterfly. The roots are edible and they smell and taste like …

Upper South: Shady Arrangements

BY C. COLSTON BURRELL / Free Union, Virginia, Zone 7 I am a lustful gardener. I once referred to myself as a chlorophyll addict, and an earnest voice asked who had bestowed my certification. Though I joked that she had …