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Growing Lantana as a Perennial

Most plants that we call “annuals” are actually tender perennials that can’t survive winters in colder climates. We treat them like annuals, cast them on the compost heap in the fall and buy new ones the following spring.

Pink Turtlehead


Virtues: We love Pink Turtlehead for its bearded pink to deep rose flowers that bloom from late summer through mid-fall. Its glossy, saw-toothed edged leaves add character.

Book Review: A Guide to Bearded Irises


A Guide to Bearded Irises Cultivating the Rainbow for Beginners and Enthusiasts by Kelly D. Norris 348 pages, hardcover Timber Press, 2012 List price: $39.95 If you’ve ever met Kelly Norris, you know that his enthusiasm for life is infectious. …

Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ (blue star)

Blue Ice Blue Star

Virtues: This compact version of Blue Star is a superb introduction for any spring garden. Blue Ice displays blue-violet, star-shaped blossoms and a thick mound of deer-resistant foliage that gives credence to its hybrid origin. Once established in a garden, …

Filigree daisy (Anthemis marschalliana)

Filigree Daisy

Virtues: We love Filigree daisy for its drought-tolerance and long-stemmed blooms. This hardy perennial is a perfect choice for xeriscaping or for a dry border, and its well-branched filigree foliage and profuse golden blooms will shine in any garden.

Perennial Plants that Attract Butterflies

Here are a few favorite perennials that attract butterflies. Some are nectar sources for mature butterflies, and others are host plants for butterfly larvae. Every good butterfly garden should include both categories. Many of these plants also attract hummingbirds.