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Book Review: The Unexpected Houseplant

The Unexpected Houseplant 220 Extraordinary Choices for Every Spot in Your Home by Tovah Martin 326 pages Timber Press, 2012 List price: $22.95 Just as the title suggests, you’ll find Martin’s unlikely houseplant suggestions to be a refreshing departure from …

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Book Review: American Grown

American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America by Michelle Obama 272 pages, hardcover Crown Publishers, 2012 List price: $30.00 Our nation’s First Lady inspired many to give gardening a try when she led …

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Book Review: All the Garden’s a Stage

All the Garden’s a Stage: Choosing the Best Performing Plants for a Sustainable Garden by Jane C. Gates 144 pages Schiffer, 2012 List price: $29.99 With so many books available to beginning and veteran gardeners that give basic and intermediate …

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How to Improve Store-Bought Compost

Want to create a compost but don’t have enough materials to get started? Deanna Caswell and Daisy Siskin of Little House in the Suburbs share how to adapt purchased compost to reflect the richness of homemade compost.

Book Review: Bloomin’ Tales

Bloomin’ Tales: Seven Favorite Wildflower Legends by Cherie Foster Colburn Illustrations by Joy Fisher Hein 65 pages Bright Sky Press, 2012 List price: $9.95 Legends seem to have a universal appeal to children, even when deep down they may know …

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Book Review: A Guide to Bearded Irises

A Guide to Bearded Irises Cultivating the Rainbow for Beginners and Enthusiasts by Kelly D. Norris 348 pages, hardcover Timber Press, 2012 List price: $39.95 If you’ve ever met Kelly Norris, you know that his enthusiasm for life is infectious. …

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Book Review: Little House in the Suburbs

Little House in the Suburbs Backyard farming and home skills for self-sufficient living by Deanna Caswell and Daisy Siskin 256 pages Betterway Home, 2012 List price: $22.99 With self-sufficiency gaining in popularity, the timing is perfect for a book like …

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