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Growing and Using Edible Flowers

Do you want great tips on how to grow, harvest and store edible flowers? Check out this video by Patricia Boudier, co-owner of Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden. In this short, 3-minute clip you will discover 10 essential guidelines when …

Painted Daisies Burst With Colorful Blooms

painted daisy tanacetum coccineum

Virtues: We love painted daisies for their vibrant bursts of color in stunning hues ranging from pure whites and pinks to lively yellows, purples and crimson reds, with fern-like, deep green foliage that offers a striking contrast against the alluring …

Sugar Tyme: a Beautiful Flowering Crabapple Tree

sugartyme crabapple

Virtues: We love Sugar Tyme crabapple for its glossy, rich green ovate foliage and stunning pink flower buds that blossom into fragrant, snowy white flowers in spring. Masses of radiant red crabapples appear in fall and stay throughout winter.