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We Love ‘Kudos Gold’ Hyssop

Agastache 'Kudos Gold' Large

After the long winter of cold and ice, we will be ready to enjoy plants like Agastache ‘Kudos Gold’. We love that it blooms from early spring until autumn and that it is tidy, compact and mildew-resistant. This new member …

False Christmas Cactus Care 101

Christmas Cactus Horticulture

False Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera truncata) is a popular houseplant, especially one to gift to a friend or family member this time of the year. I have three, and although I’m a self-described bad houseplant keeper, they are thriving despite, or perhaps …

We Love Thomas A Becket Roses

'Thomas à Becket'

We love the new Thomas A Becket rose from David Austin Roses. Unlike many of Austin’s other roses, this rose has a more natural shrub habit similar to a species rose. Its blooms are more on the casual side, large …

We Love Wercklea Ferox

Wercklea ferox

A shrub in the hibiscus family, this tropical wonder from Costa Rica has gorgeous leaves that reach up to 2 feet across and deep red veins and spines that accentuate the architectural quality of the shrub. As if the gorgeous …

We Love ‘Enchanted Eve’ Tickseed

Horticulture Plants We Love tickseed

The vibrant red, orange and yellow of ‘Enchanted Eve’ tickseed livens up the garden from summer through fall. This is the latest introduction by master hybridizer, Darrell Probst. After 10 years of intense breeding and research, gardeners are treated to …

We Love ‘Pumpkin Igloo’ Mum

pumpkin Igloo mum Horticulture

Cool, crisp air, new colors appearing on trees and shrubs and, of course, a chance to plant mums are all signs that fall is arriving at last. We love ‘Pumpkin Igloo’ for its pumpkin-color flowers that shout, “Fall is here!” …

We Love Royal Red Salvia


More and more gardeners are looking for plants that bring many benefits to the garden. Plants cannot just look good; we want them to be easy to care for, deer resistant, drought tolerant and attractive to birds and butterflies.