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Four Years Later . . .


Last weekend we celebrated my daughter’s second birthday. She has grown and developed so much. I cannot say the same for my four-year-old living stones (Lithops spp.), which I started from seed!

Baptisia Not Blooming

Question: I planted Baptisia australis last spring (2010) because I saw it recommended everywhere as the “Plant of the Year.” It never bloomed last spring or this past spring though one down the block has already bloomed and gone over. …

Scented Geraniums

Question: What can you tell me about “scented” geraniums? Do they have a particular scent? I find all geraniums smelly so please explain how these are special.

Sea Thrift

We love sea thrift (Armeria maritima), a compact, grassy-looking perennial that’s great as edging, in the rock garden or for wall pockets.