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Bulb Care

You may be busy planting new bulbs this fall, but don’t forget to care for the ones already in the ground. Read about fall bulb care.

Star of Bethlehem (God, Help Me)

Last week I told you about my tendency to stray from my shopping list while at the garden center. Thanks for all your comments; I’m glad to know I’m in good company with my mish-mash garden. I’m in the midst …

Lady Tulips

We love lady tulips (Tulipa clusiana cvs.) because it’s a good naturalizing tulip that can be counted on to come back for more than one year. And for its pretty spring blooms, of course!

On Forcing Bulbs….

It’s that time of winter where gardeners everywhere are enjoying bulbs they’ve forced- or they are forcing some right now. We all need to see a little green that isn’t Poinsettia related to remind us that spring will come.