Hosta Sagae

After several years of anticipation, the second Benedict Medal for Garden Performance Hosta has been announced by the American Hosta Society.

Hosta 'Sagae'

'Sagae' is a hosta whose creamy leaf edges become brighter over the course of the season.

‘Sagae’ (AHS 1996) will grow 30 inches high by 70 inches wide. The large heart-shaped leaves are 13 inches long by 11 inches wide. They emerge in the spring with creamy yellow margins that become creamy white later in the season. Lavender flowers appear on 48-inch scapes from July into August.

AHS judges from across the country selected this year’s winner. The process involves hostas being nominated by the plants’ originators and the AHS board of directors. Out of a list of 15 honorable mention hostas, a “top 10” are picked to receive an Award of Merit. Garden Performance Judges then choose one of these hostas to be given the Benedict Medal for Garden Performance.

The award was named in honor of pioneer hosta hybridizer Dr. Herb Benedict from Michigan, who introduced many beautiful and distinctive hostas in the 1990s.

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