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Tip of the Week: Surprising Edible Greens

Using wild greens and so-called weeds in salads is gaining popularity, among world-class chefs and casual cooks alike. Here are some common plants and weeds that are edible: Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) flowers can be used to garnish a salad or …


Virtues: Very drought tolerant. Large spring flowers. Attracts butterflies and moths. Common name: Soapweed Botanical name: Yucca glauca Flowers: Multiple creamy white or slightly green bell-shaped flowers appear on tall (foot) stalks in late spring. Foliage: Narrow, spiky, to 30 …

Q&A: Blossom-End Rot

Question: I think my tomatoes have blossom-end rot. There is a dark spot on the bottom of the tomato. What should I do? What other plants get blossom-end rot? Answer: Blossom-end rot is a disease that strikes tomatoes, peppers and …

Training a Standard

The word standard in a horticultural context doesn’t mean regular, or usual; rather, it refers to a plant, either woody or herbaceous, that has been trained to have a single, treelike stem. Here are the steps to acheive it.

Elsa Bakalar’s Garden in 1987

The September 2010 issue of Horticulture magazine includes a story about Elsa Bakalar’s colorful garden. Here’s a free download showing what the garden looked like in 1987, when Horticulture first covered it, with Bakalar’s own tips about color.