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Dorian Winslow, the president of Womanswork, is passionate about making the best products on the market for women who garden and work outdoors. She writes several "Curious Gardener" articles each month for

Herbal Sunburn Relief


I got a typical gardener’s sunburn on my shoulders over the weekend. Next time this happens I will be prepared with a remedy.  I found a recipe for sunburn relief in a small, mail-order catalog produced by Mountain Rose Herbs …

Growing Water Lilies


After seeing the Monet’s Gardens at Giverny exhibit at The New York Botanical Garden, I was inspired to learn more about growing water lilies. I have a pond on my property with nothing growing in it except algae. I heard that …

My Mother’s Garden


My mother always seems to have a lot more things blooming in her garden at any given moment than I do. Recently I spent an afternoon gardening with her in northwestern Connecticut, just about 30 miles north of where I …

The Hunger Moon and Other Moons

planting by moon

In the Old Farmers Almanac there is a name given to each full moon of the year. These are mostly adapted from those used by early American Indians, who kept track of the passing seasons and tied their calendar to …