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More Timely Tips for Plants in Pots

A wide range of plants are amenable to growing all year in containers, but they do need a certain amount of care, with particular attention paid to watering. Just as it's important that pots receive enough water in summer when the potting soil dries out quickly in the hot weather, winter pots have special needs, too. In winter, if overwatered, some plants can rot in a mix that is too wet. Stand pots on a porous surface, such as gravel, and make sure water drains away from the base of the pots. Some evergreens, if kept in too small a container, can die of desiccation in winter, because the roots can freeze (in outside containers) and prevent the plant from taking up water.

Good plant choices for winter pots

Chionodoxa luciliae

Crocus chrysanthus 'Ladykiller'

Cyclamen Miracle series

Erica carnea 'Springwood White'

Iris 'George'

Iris danfordiae

Primula Cowichan series

Scilla siberica