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Tip of the Week: Weed Torch

Reader tip! Priscilla from Virginia describes her favorite tool for controlling weeds.
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Priscilla, an e-news reader, sent in this tip:

"In fall of 2008 I had several large landscaping beds installed in my yard.

In spring and summer of 2009 I realized how much weed seeds loved to

germinate in all the new soil. Yikes! Had I not had my trusty BernzOmatic

weed torch, I would have never made it to the end of the season. I'd have

thrown my hands up in despair by June and let nature take its course! By

the end of November I had gone through five or six 16.4 oz. cylinders of

liquid propane, but I stayed ahead of the weeds. It will be years before I

get every square foot of my new beds completely planted in perennials or

groundcovers, so my torch will be my constant companion until the weed seeds

are overcome by the shade produced by my desired plantings."

Priscilla King, Va.

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