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Useful Tools: Shrubs

As any gardener who has snapped the handle off a cheap spade while digging in rocky or heavy soil will tell you, not all spades are equal! Clarington Forge's high-quality tools are built to last through years and years of garden wear, and what's more, each tool is designed to meet the unique challenges of specific tasks and sites. Try out their digging tools when you're planting shrubs this spring. A few highlights:

The Long-handled Shrubbery Spade is a good all-purpose digger with a narrow blade that makes it easy to work amid existing plantings.

The Planting Spear is perfect for planting a hedge, given its very narrow blade and comfortable D-bar handle. Great for bulb planting too, or any work in very tight spaces.

And despite our best intentions, sometimes a shrub just ends up in the wrong place. Moving shrubs can be tricky, but it's possible and the Rabbiting Spade makes it easier. This spade's head was designed specifically for transplanting shrubs. It lets you dig out the root ball without disturbing nearby plants, and its short, T-bar handle gives you great leverage and a comfortable grip.

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