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Treatment for Garden Tools at the End of the Planting Season

It is important to take care of your gardening tools just like you do your beautiful plants, because the right tools assist you in creating that garden of your dreams.

wood handle shovel

Preserve your tools to avoid having to replace them. Try applying mineral, linseed or wood oil to wooden-handled shovels and tools. First clean them, then coat with a generous portion of oil; let them dry over night. The oil should act as a protective coating, helping to keep the wood from drying and/or splintering. You can also restore lightly splintered wooden-handled tools by first sanding them down, and then applying a layer of oil.

Gardening tools make our gardening tasks easier, quicker and more efficient. With a little extra care, wooden-handled tools will last longer, keeping our wallets and our gardens fuller!

Image: Sneeboer
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