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Protect Tender Plants With Water TeePees

Set your tender plants outside up to weeks earlier than what is recommended for your climate zone, with water-filled teepees!

wall o water

These creative and efficient plant insulators take the heat from the sun’s rays during the day, using a series of leak-resistant tubes that you fill with water. This warmth is then released during the night, warming the soil and controlling the climate within the teepee.

The heated soil allows you to plant your staples like tomatoes weeks earlier in the season, which can mean an earlier harvest. Water-filled teepees help enhance your plant’s growth while also protecting them from frost and snow—even down to 10˚F.

With a little help from water-filled teepees, you can grow a lush, thriving garden weeks ahead of your typical growing season! Two brands are Kozy Koat and Wall o' Water.

Image: HGC Photography
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