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Lighter Window Boxes

Follow this easy tip to make your window boxes lighter—and slower to dry out.

window box

Window boxes can add charm and color to any house, but they can be very heavy once they are filled with soil and plants, and they often need watering every day.

To make your window boxes lighter, try planting your plants in plastic pots; putting the pots in the window box; and filling around the pots with vermiculite. The vermiculite will be much lighter than filling the entire box with potting soil.

The vermiculite may also slow water loss, reducing the need for daily watering.

This method works particularly well in window boxes that are replanted for spring, summer and fall. Just remove last season's plants, pots and all, and push the new season's stars (in their pots) into the vermiculite.

Watch a video on planting a window box.

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