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Garden Giveaway Table Set

Kathy Peterson creates garden furniture that can be finished in the color of your choice. Read about her designs, and enter to win a folding dining set for your garden.

As a Master Gardener, I am incredibly passionate about the brilliant colors that nature brings us. My favorite part of digging my hands into the soil, pulling rogue weeds, and nurturing plants is the reward that comes the morning you stumble into your garden to see your first flower blooming with intense, natural, luminous color. Every flower that blooms overwhelms me with delight and appreciation. It can be difficult to not try to grow every flower possible, whether or not I have the time and space to do so, just so I can enjoy their bright and mysterious hues. As I’m sure you know, gardening can quickly turn from a hobby into a lifestyle.

With these experiences in mind, I created my first ever line of outdoor furniture and called it Kathy Peterson Inspirations: Outdoor Lifestyles. I wanted to create comfortable outdoor living areas that encourage people to spend as much time in their gardens as possible. I didn’t want the garden to just be a place to work, but a place to read, to think, to nap, to dine, to socialize, and to love each color that our gardens produce. So, I crafted my collection in cypress, a resilient coastal wood naturally resistant to insects, decay, and warping, because it is one of the highest-quality woods for painting. Now, the vivid colors of our gardens can be inspirations for our garden seating.

You can choose from 15 nature-inspired colors, but I also know that each garden and gardener is unique. Therefore, you can order these pieces completely unfinished to allow you to paint them yourself as well. My favorite part of gardening is the colors I discover, and I hope that you will use your gardens to inspire colorful outdoor living spaces to love and enjoy.

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