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How to Dry or Freeze Your Own Herbs

Check out this video from with Patricia Boudier, Co-Owner of Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, for great advice on how to freeze and dry herbs. In this short video you will not only learn great gardening tips such as:

  • knowing when the herbs are ready to harvest
  • what time of the day is best to harvest them
  • how much you should collect
  • which herbs store better frozen
  • which ones should be dried
  • how to freeze or dry herbs for successful storage.

Download the Smart Gardening Guide: Step by Step: Drying Herbs for great advice on harvesting and drying herbs.

In Homegrown Herbs you will have a complete guide to planting, growing, harvesting, and using more than100 herbs.

Check out the Herbs for All the Senses Collection, which includes 5 great flowering herbs such as: Hidcote Lavender, Bronze Fennel, Catmint, German Chamomile and Scented Basil Trio.

In the Edible Gardening: Culinary Herbs download, Peter Garnham, a commercial herb and vegetable farmer, describes how to grow the best herbs for cooking.

Want an herb garden indoors? Try growing them in a gorgeous Glass Cloche.