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Plan Ahead for Bulbs

While autumn may be just peeking around the corner, it’s not too early to start thinking about spring—that is, about the spring-flowering bulbs you need to plant this fall. You can save 10% and earn FREE SHIPPING* on Horticulture books and CDs, including “Bulbs,” from now until September 18! 

Gardening is something like living in a time warp. As busy as we may be in the present—doing seasonal tasks, enjoying what's in bloom—the coming season lurks in our minds. To make sure the garden holds its interest throughout three or four seasons we have to plan ahead. We decide what we'll plant and we make sure we're prepared to do the next round of seasonal chores. This may be most true when it comes to gardening with bulbs.

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Yes, it may be closing in on the end of summer, but we have to be thinking of what bulbs to plant this fall to create the scene we want next spring. So step into your time-warp machine and picture your garden six or seven months from now. Your beds may be as radiant with foliage and late-summer flowers now, but you know there will be bare spots aplenty from late winter into spring. What bulbs do you want to bloom there? Order them soon to be sure you'll get your first choices! Store them in a cool, dry, dark place until it's time to plant them this fall.

You'll find expert help for planning your bulb planting in Horticulture's Bulbs CD. Simply pop this disc (compatible with both Mac and PCs) into your computer and browse through more than a dozen articles on choosing, placing, planting and caring for flower bulbs. It's a great way to get a jump start on a promising and prosperous spring gardening season. As an added bonus, when you order the Bulbs CD by Sept. 18 you’ll not only receive FREE SHIPPING*, but you’ll also save an extra 10% on your order! To confirm receipt of your savings, please enter Coupon Code HCRBAT90909 when you've added the desired items to your shopping cart.

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