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Grow Bags: A Growing Trend in Edible Gardening

An alternative to raised beds, heavy pots or traditional garden plots, grow bags make it easy to tuck edibles anywhere in the garden, porch or balcony.

Grow Bags from Lee Valley Tools

Benefits of Grow Bags
• Permeable material allows for air and water circulation that is ideal for healthy roots.
• Material is cooler than black plastic pots that can overheat roots and damage the plant.
• Can be cleaned, folded and tucked away for winter storage.
• Some grow bags offer a drawstring top that is great for storing soil over the winter.
• Smaller bags make it easy to move plants to the most desirable growing locations.
• Bags are often made of recycled materials.

Choosing the Best Soil for Your Grow Bags A 2005 Missouri State University study revealed that plants in grow bags did best when planted in fully composted material. The composted material outperformed topsoil as well as soilless mix.

Photo Courtesy of Lee Valley Tools