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Garden at All Levels to Invite Birds and Beneficial Insects

To encourage more birds and helpful insects to reside in your garden, be sure to garden at all levels. That means including tall trees and shrubs, shorter shrubs and perennials, and low-growing plants such as groundcovers in your design. Having a large variety of heights, spreads and types of plants will help to attract diverse species, while supporting more beneficial activities within the garden. For example: to attract many predatory insects, try growing selections from the daisy, mint and carrot families, or these other insect-luring plants. To lure in more delightful birds, try growing crabapples, blueberries, dogwoods, serviceberries, holly, mulberries and spruces, which will provide them a mix of natural food sources and shelter.

layered garden

Remember, if a certain type of insect or bird is desired, make sure to research ways to entice those specific species into your yard for best results.

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