Materials and Garden Practices That Help Birds Build Nests

bird gathering nest materialsWhat makes a beautiful, lush garden all the more spectacular? Hearing the lovely songs of chirping birds as they flutter about their nests, feeders and birdbaths, filling gardens with their charm.

In addition to adding nicely stocked feeders, delightful birdhouses and cool, refreshing birdbaths, why not take it a step further and help your flying friends build their nests? With lots of materials available for them to gather up to create a nest, more birds will settle into your yard.

The nesting materials may vary depending on the type of bird you are hoping to lure into your yard; however, in general leaving little piles of twigs and other plant debris around your garden will encourage birds to gather them up for nesting. You can also scatter yarn or twine, hair and fur, dry grasses and straw, bark strips, dried mud and pine needles. Just make sure not to set out anything that’s been treated with pesticides or herbicides, or that may contain chemical residues—such as dryer lint (it crumbles and will include residues left over from detergents and softeners).

Different species of birds will use different materials for building their nests and they will have varying nesting seasons. If you are hoping to entice a certain type of bird, research the species’s nesting season, as well as what type of nest they build, for best results.

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