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Bye-bye, Bindweed

Here’s a great tip for removing bindweed from a perennial bed without laborious hand-pulling.

Often times, I have a client or neighbor who has a bindweed problem right in the middle of a mixed perennial bed and they would like to know how to control it. Yes, you can eventually gain control over bindweed by pulling it—that is if you don't have life. Obviously, spraying with Roundup or a similar non-selective herbicide (glysophate) would kill many desirable plants too.

Solution: Obtain a large (at least 2 feet by 2 feet) piece of flat cardboard. Locate the rough center and use a razor knife to slice a straight cut from the center to one of the sides. Now find that problem bindweed and carefully pull it though the slit. Spread it out on the cardboard leaving the cardboard nearly flat and protecting your treasured perennials below by snuggly closing the slit. Spray with your herbicide and allow it to dry, then move it to your next victim and repeat.

When using any herbicide, pesticide or fertilizer, read all the information on the container and follow directions closely. Also, this application should be done on a day with no wind and expected temperatures to be at least 70 to experience a better end result.

—Steve Aegerter, “The Garden Guy” of Denver, Colo., a “Smart Gardening Tips” reader

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