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Tidying Up Heuchera Plants by Pruning Them

Heucheras, commonly referred to as coral bells, are stunning, shade-loving foliage plants with an abundance of different varieties in varying vibrant colors. Although beautiful, these charming evergreen perennials often can become ratty after a harsh winter. However there is a simple solution—just prune them!


The idea is to tidy up your heuchera while making room for new growth by removing the ragged old growth—or old, not-so-appealing leaves. Here are four helpful tips for how to prune your heucheras:

Right timing: The best time to prune heucheras is in early spring, before new growth starts to appear.
Examine your plant: Make sure to take notice where the old growth ends and the new growth begins. New growth will be located in the center of the plant with the old growth at the edges. You must be careful not to trim this fresh foliage because it can harm or hinder the progress of your plant.
Trim old growth: You want to clip near the base of the old growth or dried stems and pull gently away from the plant. Keep an eye out for damaged or diseased growth and remove any found. You want to work your way around the plant, leaving only new, thriving growth behind.
Compost: If you have a compost pile, you can mix these trimmings in to later be used again in your garden. Note: if you had any suspected sickly trimmings, do not add these into the compost pile!

With the right amount of care and love, you can keep your heucheras healthy and radiant!

Image: public domain
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