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Shade Annuals

What are some shade annuals?

Question: It seems there are many annuals for full sun. What are some shade annuals?


Answer: Although the choices in annuals for shade are much more limited that annuals for sun, there are annuals that will grow in part shade (four to six hours of sun) or shade (less than four hours of sun).

Annual flowers for part shade include:
Flowering begonias (shown)
Twinspur (Diascia)
Pansy (Viola)
Baby blue eyes (Nemophila)
Flowering tobacco (Nicotiana)

Annuals for part to full shade include:
Silver bells or bush violet (Browallia)
Wishbone (Torenia)

The choices of shade annuals increase when you consider plants grown for their foliage instead of their flowers. Foliage annuals for part shade or shade include:

Polka-dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya)
Elephant ears (Caladium bicolor)
Rex begonia
Joseph's coat (Alternanthera ficoidea)

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