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Plants We Love: Salvia ‘Black & Bloom’

The beloved Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ has been one-upped by the new variety ‘Black & Bloom’. This new variety blooms earlier, has larger flowers, thicker leaves and darker stems. Easy to care for, ‘Black & Bloom’ thrives in the heat, humidity and drought and even under the care of a forgetful gardener. Deadheading is not required, but we like to pinch off spent blooms to encourage a thicker plant.


This plant looks great at the middle of the border or placed front and center. Not all borders have to start with short plants; shake it up a bit and start your border with ‘Black & Bloom’ and transition to other taller plants to create a dramatic effect. Front placement will make it easy for you to enjoy the hummingbirds that this salvia attracts, too!

Common name: Salvia ‘Black & Bloom’
Botanical name:Salvia guarantica ‘Black & Bloom’
Bloom: Spikes of dark purple-blue trumpet flowers lining dark stems
Bloom time: Spring to hard frost
Habit: Upright
Height: 36­–48 inches
Width: 36–48 inches
Sun requirements: Full sun to part sun
USDA Zones: 8–10

For best results, plant this salvia in the full sun to part sun in loose, well-draining soil. Once established, this plant will tolerate drought. Attracts hummingbird and other pollinators and is resistant to deer. Use in the traditional garden design, in large groupings for a powerful impact or in a container.