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Black Gum

Black gum is an adaptable tree with great fall color.

Common name: Black gum, black tupelo

Black Gum tree Nyssa sylvatica

Botanical name:Nyssa sylvatica

Virtues: Good shade tree that adapts to many different growing conditions. Female trees bear dark blue fruits that attract birds.

Foliage: Deciduous foliage is dark green in summer, turning bright yellow, orange, red and burgundy in the fall.

Habit: Deciduous tree to 50 feet tall with a spread of 30 feet.

Season: Summer and fall.

Low, wet woods and sandy sites in the eastern half of North America.

Cultivation: Grow in full sun or partial shade. Prefers moist acidic soil. Very tolerant of wet soil. Will even adapt to occasional drought. For fruit set, you need both a male and a female tree. USDA Zones 3–9.