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Flower Bulb Design Made Foolproof

Before you plant your spring-blooming bulbs this fall, make a simple flower bulb design plan that will guard against disappointment, blank spaces and awkward phases come spring. Follow these easy design tips.

crocus field

Spring-blooming bulbs can add great beauty to the garden, but there’s also the potential for things to go wrong: the bulbs may fail to appear and/or bloom; they may bloom at an unexpected time; and they can create an awkward stage in the garden as their foliage dies back. Happily, you can plan for these potential problems in fall and make a planting plan that heads them off at the pass.

The simplest way to avoid all of these problems: Adopt a naturalistic planting style. Dot bulbs in small clusters throughout the garden instead of planting them in large blocks. This way, if they fail, you aren’t left with a large empty space. Similarly, you won’t have a large area of decaying foliage to wait out. Bulbs sprinkled throughout the garden will be quickly hidden as they die back by emerging plants.

Image: K. Olszanowska-Kuńka - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 pl,