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Nursery School: The Webinar

I can shop for plants like it's nobody's business. And I can teach you how or at least crack you up trying...

Even a seasoned plantaholic could learn from the tips, tricks and "educational" photos in Thursday's upcoming webinar. I swear it. I worked in nurseries and garden centers for at least 400 years so I have much to say and a few good stories to add. Patty Craft, Horticulture's editor is going to be there to keep me on track so I don't wander into telling you about Tom Petty's dressing room requirements.

I'm stoopid excited about all this. So enroll, k?

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Or you could make me beg. All requests for begging will be handled in the forum. Which I would like to rename "the florum"... because gardeners like flowers, get it?