Smart Gardening Workshops

On-Demand Smart Gardening Workshops

Put Texture to Work in Your Garden

Presenter: Rebecca Sweet
Date: Thursday, April 3, 2014
Time 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. (ET)

There’s no doubt about it, texture is an alluring element in the garden. It creates an irresistible physical reaction among kids and adults alike. Who can resist the urge to stroke the soft leaf of a lamb’s ear or run a hand along the peeling trunk of a paper bark maple? Texture, however, is so much more than a soft and fuzzy leaf – it’s a design workhorse able to solve a wide range of everyday garden problems. Drawing from her latest book, Refresh Your Garden Design, Rebecca Sweet will share her best strategies to use texture in a garden, in ways that are inspiring and easy to put into practice.

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Garden Design Quick Fixes with Color

Horticulture columnist and professional landscape designer Rebecca Sweet shows how one of the most powerful elements in your garden—color—is often the answer to many common garden problems. Learn just how easy it is to transform gardens that seem cramped, uninviting and disjointed into the garden you’ve always wanted through the use of colorful (and strategic) illusions.

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Japanese maples for every garden

With over 400 cultivars available, selecting a Japanese maple can be challenging. In this free online workshop, Japanese Maple Specialist Patricia Smyth, from Essence of the Tree, provides a overview of the cultural needs of these glorious trees with information to help with choosing the best one for your garden, whatever your climate might be.

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Fanning The Flames of Passion…Plant Passion.

Presenter: Nicholas Staddon, Director of New Plants for Monrovia

Explore some truly great garden plants — new and not so new. And plants that will work in a range of climate zones. You will meet some of the breeders and plant explorers that Nicholas works with to uncover fabulous new selections.

Nicholas will inspire with his passion for plants. As he points out, plants cross every social barrier; people from all over come together when it comes to the garden. Plants really do enrich people’s lives. Regardless of age, they can make your life better, more fulfilled, as well as making the garden or patio a place you really want to be. Let’s ignite your passion for plants!

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The Year Round Vegetable Gardener

Canadian gardening expert, Niki Jabbour, shares her ideas and tips for growing vegetables year round, no matter what Zone you live in. Join us for an afternoon of inspiration that will help you make this year’s crop the best that it can be.

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Good Bug, Bad Bug

Spend the afternoon with Jessica Walliser—horticulturist, author and devoted bug lover—as she helps us identify the most common invasive and beneficial insects (and other tiny critters) in our gardens, then shares the best organic-gardening advice on how to attract the good guys and manage the bad guys.

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Creating Serene & Beautiful Container Gardens with Japanese Maples

This workshop will provide you with all the information you need to create and maintain a Japanese maple container garden. You’ll learn everything from proper tree selection to how to protect the long-term health of your tree.

By cultivating the essence of the mature tree, container gardening allows us to have the calm elegance of the Japanese maple in our intimate spaces. Container gardening seems to be the natural evolution as our gardens mature. With consistent care your tree will be with you for many years and perhaps you can pass it on for your children to enjoy as well.

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12 Ideas for Gotta-Have Garden Combos

Get inside garden guru Pamela Straub’s head for a dozen of the season’s cleverest combination containers. Known for pairing the new, the unusual and the uncommon, Santa Rosa Gardens’ lead designer shares her tips, tricks and timeless secrets in this sassy session.

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8 Months of Spectacular Color: Spring~Fall with Waterwise, Easy-Care Perennials

The secret to a great perennial garden is understanding how to use a succession of varieties that will keep your garden in color from early spring through the fall. David Salman of High Country Gardens will show his favorites perennials and perennial combinations to help you create a long-blooming, waterwise, easy-care landscape. Flowering bulbs and groundcovers are also included, and his Western perspective on gardening will bring some little known, under-utilized perennials onto your gardening radar.

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Plants We Love

You’ll discover great new plants for 2012 as well as which plants are tried-and-true workhorses. You’ll also see which selections were award winners—they’re sure to be a success in your garden, too! Join Horticulture’s editor, Meghan Shinn, and Community Leader, Patty Craft, for this workshop.

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Ornamental Grasses & Companion Plants

Few plant groups can add beauty, movement and a sense of sophistication to your landscape like ornamental grasses. David Salman of High Country Gardens brings his enthusiasm for ornamental grasses to the class and shows how to place them, which varieties to combine with perennial flowers in the landscape. You will also learn about the differences between cool- and warm-season ornamental grasses, and the basics of how to care for them.

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Bees, Flowers & Food: Bringing Them Together for More Fruits & Vegetables

Both native bees and the honeybee are responsible for pollinating many of our favorite vegetables, and all of our common fruiting trees and shrubs. David Salman of High Country Gardens will discuss how today’s urban farmer /home gardener can make her yard a habitat friendly place for bees. You’ll also learn what to plant to keep them in your yard all season long to insure pollination. Specific herbs, perennials and shrubs, and their placement in and around your garden and fruiting plants, will be discussed.

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Sponsored by OsmocoteGreat Flowering Shrubs and their Care

Do you want to add drama, winter interest and colorful flowers to your gardens while reducing maintenance? Then include some spectacular flowering shrubs for zones 3 – 8. Join us and host Kerry Ann Mendez for this one hour Webinar. Topics also include: pruning and care tips.

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Sponsored by OsmocoteGrowing Low-Maintenance Perennials

Looking for gorgeous gardens that save you time and money? Join us and host Kerry Ann Mendez for this one hour Webinar to learn how to work with perennials that thrive on ‘neglect’. These beauties enjoy lean soil, little or no fertilizer, less water, and little handholding.

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Sponsored by OsmocoteDeer-Resistant Gardening

Are you ‘fed’ up with your gardens being munched by Bambi? This enlightening one-hour Webinar with Kerry Ann Mendez will focus on plants that are rarely browsed by deer as well as defensive techniques to hold them at bay. Not tonight deer will have a whoe new meaning.

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Grow a Rainbow Kitchen Garden

When you grow ingredients for delicious, fresh-from-the-garden salads, grow them in a beautiful range of colors, textures and shapes. By adding a rainbow of color to your garden it not only makes it more visually beautiful, but adds savor and excitement to everyday meals. Plus, the more different colored vegetables herbs and greens you eat, the more nutrition, cancer fighting and skin beautifying antioxidants you’ll be painlessly incorporating into your diet. It’s easy to gain all the benefits when you grow your own garden with variety selections from all over the world.

Watch Renee Shepherd’s online workshop as she talks about choosing, growing and enjoying an internationally inspired Rainbow Kitchen Garden.

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Sponsored by OsmocoteGrowing Unique & Unusual Perennials

Plantaholics are always seeking unusual, fun, outrageous, or underused perennials that are sure to have heads turning in admiration. As an avid collector, I’ve walked many miles in my muck boots to find some unique plants for zones 3 to 8 that transform ho-hum gardens into extraordinary ones. Join me in this one-hour Webinar to learn more!
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All-Season Gold-Medal Perennials

Who doesn’t love winners? These gold medal perennials outshine the competition with their extensive bloom plus they’ll brighten the landscape spring through fall. As one perennial stops blooming, it ‘passes the baton’ to the next ‘winner’, concluding with fall bloomers that finish with brilliance. Join us and presenter Kerry Ann Mendez for this on-demand Smart Gardening Workshop.
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Design a Work of Art With Your Garden

In this on-demand Smart Gardening Workshop garden writer/photographer Derek Fell will cover how to plan, design, and create balanced gardens and landscapes, the history, benefits, and design of Impressionist flower, vegetable, and water gardens, how to use garden structures in garden design, how to effectively and beautifully photograph your garden and landscape and more.
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10 Tips for Knockout Gardens

In this on-demand Smart Gardening Workshop, Kerry Ann Mendez shares her best design tricks for creating a sensational garden. She’ll cover plant selection, plant placement, the use of color in the landscape and more.
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Right Plant, Right Spot

In this on-demand Smart Gardening Workshop, Kerry Ann Mendez teaches how to assess the conditions in any given spot in your garden, then choose the right plant to put there. She’ll also cover “tough love” plants that thrive in challenging spaces, such as that strip between the sidewalk and the street.
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How to Eat Your Front Yard

In this on-demand Smart Gardening Workshop, Marianne Binetti shows how to grow edible plants within your ornamental garden. You’ll learn how to mix fruits and vegetables among your flowers, maximizing your space and preserving a visually appealing design.
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Low-Maintenance Perennial Gardening

In this on-demand Smart Gardening Workshop, Kerry Ann Mendez describes how to make smart plant choices for a low-maintenance but eye-catching garden.
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Horticulture’s Nursery School: Affordable Garden Design Online Workshop

Learn from Amanda Thomsen (Kiss My Aster) and Patty Craft (Publisher & Editorial Director, Horticulture) in this informative and entertaining on-demand workshop that teaches you how to plan your nursery shopping to successfully fit your garden plot and your budget. Whether you’re a new or experienced gardener, you’ll come away with a simple yet successful plan to save time and money on every nursery visit!
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Horticulture’s More Free Plants with Ken Druse – Episode I: Softwood Cuttings

Best-selling author Ken Druse shows beginning to intermediate gardeners how to take cuttings of hydrangeas, viburnums, beautybush and others to increase the numbers of flowering shrubs for your garden. Learn what plants to use, when and how to take the cuttings, how to make a sweatbox (and why you need one) and rooting and aftercare for your new flowering shrubs.
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Horticulture’s 8 Great Vegetables for the Edible Garden

Expert grower and noted garden writer Alice McGowan shares her advice and tips for planting and harvesting veggies in a variety of conditions: full sun or partial shade; in the ground or in containers; with room to spread out or a need to go vertical.
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