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Kiss My Aster Digest

Here are some nuggets of Kiss My Aster goodness; so tasty they don’t need sauce...
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Here are some nuggets of Kiss My Aster goodness; so tasty they don’t need sauce.

  • Do you have a garden blog? Perhaps you should. Even if it’s private and just for you. I used to have a garden journal but it’s way harder to add links, photos and whatnot to a regular journal. Using past posts from my blog I was able to look up the date when things got cooking in my yard last spring with just a few keystrokes. Doesn’t get easier than that, plus it would have taken me longer just to find my handwritten garden journal. My computer is always in the same place.
  • Because I blogged about it last year, I know my Surprise Lilies are about two weeks ahead of last March. I wish Global Warming could keep my coffee hot longer.
  • Interview over at Red, White & Grew with moi.
  • What the heck is this annual? It’s so simple I’ve let it go. I call this phenomenon “winter brain”.
  • I’ve been working on edging my beds. I love a nicely edged bed. It makes whatever helter-skelter is going on inside the bed look completely intentional. As in, “Wow, those are some crazy-ass combos but, it must be on purpose and not just something the birds pooped in because look how razor sharp those beds are edged! She’s a genius!”
  • Bjardkir, the Banana Slug.
Courtesy of Krista Dwiggins
  • If you’re on Twitter get your sweet tuchas over there and join in on the conversation about Victory Gardens every Tuesday. Make sure to use “#twitter4vg” and join the group. If you need help deciphering any of this, let me know. I’ll walk you through it. Srsly.
  • Horticulture is giving away a FREE pass to their 8 Great Veggies workshop (3/31). How do you win? Here’s how: I’m creating a thread in the Kiss My Aster! Forum and all you have to do is leave some sort of comment, photo, poem, haiku, cartoon, LOL worm, dirty limerick or link. Then I’ll pick a winner randomly. Yes, this means you have to register for the forum if you haven’t already. (Oh, and when I say, “pick a winner randomly,” I mean, “pick the one that’s funniest.”) 

I can’t wait to check the forum later today for your entries!