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Container Gardening

Why has container gardening been a constant feature of gardening for centuries? Easy—you can do anything in a container, from growing edibles to pagoda dogwoods to vining plants to a prairie in miniature. Be it a plain plastic pot or century-old terra cotta, a container garden is limited only by your imagination and basic garden know-how. It’s really just a garden in miniature, where you can control the soil, water, sun, wind and even temperature.

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As with ground-based gardening there are a few things you need to know to be successful. Understanding watering, soil, mulch, container size and plant selection is the key to success. There is much to know. Fortunately the editors of Horticulture, in partnership with, have done all the research for you! In our FREE Garden How-To University Independent Study Guide, you will find everything you need to know about container gardening. Why spend countless hours searching for the essential information when you could be gardening? We did the legwork for you! Check it out!

Container Gardening 2016

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