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plantersplaceIn partnership with PlantersPlace.com, the editors of Horticulture have created free Independent Study Guides that identify what’s really crucial to each topic, and provide trusted online resources for information and supplies.

Sure, you could just Google the topic, but why waste the time and risk information overload? These downloads help you avoid wading through conflicting advice, too.

Download the Garden How-To University study guides and trust that we’ve done the legwork for you.

NEW! Independent Study Guide: Shade Gardening

shadecoverMake the most of the shaded areas of your yard, learn how to deal with challenges like dry shade and learn the best plants for all levels of shade in our newest guide: Shade Gardening. Enter your email and get gardening!



Independent Study Guide: Growing Edibles in Small Spaces

Maximize your edible-gardening space, no matter its size, with the advice in our guide Growing Edibles in Small Spaces. Enter your email and get gardening!


Independent Study Guide: Container Gardening

Save time and frustration searching for reliable gardening info and just download your FREE copy of our guide on Container Gardening. Enter your email & get gardening!



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