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Winter Reading: The Gardener's Color Palette

A review of The Gardener's Color Palette, plus info on purchasing.

Brighten up a winter's evening—just curl up with The Gardener's Color Palette. In this book, former Horticulture editor Tom Fischer highlights 100 colorful ornamentals to mix and match. Photographs by Clive Nichols will transport you to summertime.

The Gardener's Color Palette

Fischer recommends 10 individual plants in each of 10 color groups and includes essential growing information for each one. Look up your favorite color and see what this expert gardener suggests. Maybe you'll choose to plant several of his selections to make a monochromatic bed. Or you might opt to flip through the book and pick out flowers in contrasting colors for a design that crackles and pops. Whatever your approach, this is a fun, fun book that will guide you through playing with color.

It's a great gift for a newer gardener who might be just starting to design their garden. Experienced gardeners will also enjoy using the book to fine-tune their combinations.

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