When to Set Up Nest Boxes for Garden Birds

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Nesting boxes are great ways to bring an abundance of beautiful, fluttering birds to your yard—creating a peaceful, serene scene while also benefiting the native bird populations. To enhance your chances of a yard full of happily chirping birds and their hungry youngsters, you need to keep in mind when to set up your nesting boxes.

nest box birdhouse

It is best to place nesting boxes in position well before birds begin nesting in spring. This will increase the chance of the birds finding and using the boxes; it may also provide them some late winter protection. In most areas if you set out nesting boxes before the end of February, they’ll be there in plenty of time for house-hunting birds.

Although setting up nesting boxes well before spring is the best way to ensure your chances of enticing birds, it is never too late, or really too early, to set up your nesting boxes. Some species may not begin nesting until later in spring or even until summer, and fall nesting boxes may help to provide much-needed winter refuge. Nesting boxes can remain in place year after year, but you should clean them out at the beginning of winter and inspect them for damage and hazards at that time, too.

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