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When Growing Plants Indoors Don't Forget the Mulch

Mulch is often used around a garden to help enrich and protect the soil of our favorite plants. However, mulch should not be limited to only outdoor use.

Using mulch on your houseplants not only can add a touch of aesthetic appeal with the right material, but it also will help to lock in moisture while potential discouraging any curious pets from digging around the soil.

If you want to mulch your houseplants, remember that typical outdoor mulch may be too heavy. You can be a little more creative with your indoor mulch and help enhance the charm of your containers. Materials often used for houseplants include bark mulch, stones or gravel, Spanish moss, coarse sand, sea glass and nutshells.

Adding too much mulch may keep the soil too wet and cause the plant to rot, so don’t use more than an inch or so. To avoid overwatering your houseplants, make sure to push aside the mulch before watering to check whether the soil is damp or dry. Mulched soil will dry out more slowly than bare soil.

Mulching plants is not only for outdoor gardens. With the right mulch, you can enhance the looks of your indoor potted plants and reduce the frequency of watering.
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