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What to Do About Bird Feeders While You're Away

I’ve been very successful in attracting birds to my garden and I’ve put bird feeders up to help them over the winter. However I am going away in January for two weeks and I’m afraid the birds will be dependent on my feeders. What should I do?

cardinal at bird feeder

Answer: There is nothing like having a bunch of gracefully flying birds chirping in harmonious songs as they happily graze off birdfeeders in our yards. Wild birds can fill our hearts with a much-needed sense of beautiful tranquility.

To keep birds grazing graciously on the feeders in your yard, it is important to keep them filled—especially during spring when the birds begin nesting. Although they will not starve without your feeders, to ensure that they remain content in your yard instead of moving elsewhere to nest and feed, you should find a way to keep your feeders full.

So what should you do if you are going on vacation but do not want to stop feeding your flying friends? Your best option is to ask a kind friend/family member or even a friendly neighbor to fill your feeders while you’re away. If you cannot find someone to watch over your feeders, do not worry; if you are only gone for a few days, birds should still come to your yard. However, if you will be gone for awhile and do not have someone to fill your feeders, in the weeks leading up to your trip you should slowly taper off how much food you put out. Even though birds will not become famished without your feeders, they do depend on them as a continuous food source. By slowly lessening the amount of food offered in the feeders, they will not become “shocked” when they find the feeders are empty.

Listening to the cheerful melodies of birds as they joyfully fly about will fill you with calming serenity. Well-stocked feeders, as well as a birdbath, are great ways to attract lovely, songbirds to your home.

Image: Torindkfit
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