Tip of the Week: Choosing Creative Containers

Follow these tips for success with out-of-the-ordinary garden containers.
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When creating containers for your garden or porch, you don’t have to stick with basic pots and planters. Follow these tips for success with out-of-the-ordinary containers:

Choose containers with character.

  • A container can be anything that will hold a growing medium without creating a hazardous environment for the plants.
  • Unexpected objects make the most interesting containers.
  • If your container doesn’t have drainage holes, you can either drill some or use it for a potted water garden.

Match plants with the container’s form and color

  • A long and narrow container is best paired with narrow-leaved plants. Low, squat, bow-shaped contains work best with rounded plants or plants with horizontal branching.
  • The color of the container can either contrast with the plants or match them. If the color is to play an important role in the final composition, don’t choose plants such as trailing vines that will obscure the container.

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