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Two Favorite Fall Tools

I really enjoy my two main fall gardening projects: planting bulbs and gathering leaves. When I'm planting bulbs, I picture the return of spring. Raking leaves gives me the chance to get some exercise and let my mind go blank. Of course, the right tool makes any job more enjoyable, and I've found a favorite for each of these tasks.

I like to use the CobraHead (right) to plant bulbs. Its hooked end does a good job of carving out small holes for individual bulbs, especially if I'm tucking them between existing plants.

CobraHead Tool

For leaf cleanup, I can't do without my Leaf Scoops (below). These big paddles make it easy to quickly transfer giant handfuls of leaves into your wheel barrow or into leaf bags. I was using them in the front yard last weekend and three different people stopped to ask about them.

Leaf Scoops