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Turn a Tuna Can into Something Festive

If you know someone who is homebound over the holidays, this is an idea that will bring a smile to their face. I belong to a garden club and each year at our December meeting we put together little tray ornaments and deliver them to groups such as Meals on Wheels and local hospitals. We make over 300 of these tray ornaments.
Here are the supplies you will need:

Oasis foam
  • 1 block of Oasis floral foam (can be purchased at a florist or garden center)
  • 1 empty tuna or cat-food can
  • 8-inch-square piece of foil (preferably floral foil that is colored on one side, but regular aluminum foil is acceptable)
  • a handful of evergreens cut 4 to 6 inches long (from your own yard or purchased at a florist or garden center)
  • assorted small decorations like ribbons, bows or mini Christmas balls (optional)
  • a pair of garden gloves if the greens are prickly to handle

And here’s how you make one:

Step 1. Cut the piece of Oasis floral foam lengthwise so it is just half as thick. After you cut it, it will be exactly as deep as a tuna can.


Step 2. Push your tuna can down into the half-thick Oasis. Turn the can over and you have your base for the arrangement. Each block of foam can turn out 6 tray ornaments.


Step 3. Soak the can with Oasis in water, which will keep your greens moist. The Oasis will stay wet for a week or more.

Step 4. Push sprigs of greens into the Oasis and make an arrangement. Add ribbons and other ornaments as desired.

Step 5. Wrap the can in a square of florist foil and crimp the sides. You are ready to deliver your fragrant tray ornament to someone who will really appreciate it!



Dorian Winslow is the president of Womanswork, and is passionate about making the best products on the market for women who garden and work outdoors.

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